Beaches in and around Cavtat in Croatia

Cavtat is a small village on the Croatian coast just south of Dubrovnik. It is only 5 minutes drive from Dubrovnik Airport but once you have left the main road you could be much further away. Cavtat has a small old town area built around a small harbour with narrow steeps streets leading up into the hill above. In the harbour you will usually see a couple of multi million pound yachts moored up.

Cavtat Harbour

Cavtat has a very rocky coastline so there are no proper sandy beaches but the rocks themselves are used for sunbathing and for swimming from. The lack of sand is actually a benefit to some. If you enjoy swimming and snorkelling then the sea is particularly clear.

Cavtat rocky shoreline

There is a small beach just a short 5 minute walk north from central Cavtat but mostly it is no more than 3 or 4 metres from the wall to the sea and  although one end is quite sandy, the far end is nothing more than just various sizes of stone and rock. The sandy part, not surprisingly gets very busy and sunbeds are chargeable. It does get quite busy so you need to get there early to get a space.

Small beach at Cavtat

If you have a car it would be worth taking the 15 minute drive north to Kupari beach. This is one of those must see places. Not because of its beauty or the beach itself but for the astonishing site that awaits. Here you will find a small bay with the usually very stony beach leading down to a fairly clear sea. The sea stays shallow for quite some way out but the sea floor is very rocky so you need some decent sea shoes. Flip flops are not enough, you need proper diving shoes or something similar to avoid cutting the soles of your feet on the jagged stones and rocks. The beach is narrow in the middle but widens out to each side but still very stoney. It does get busy, especially at the weekends and there is just a small bar at one end which is full at peak times.

However it is the buildings that lie the beach that are the biggest surprise. There are three quite large hotels here. But they are all deserted and in ruins. The photo below shows some of these buildings.

At first glance, from a distance they don't look so bad but get closer and may well be shocked to see that they are riddled with bullet holes and heavy shelling damage. These were attacked during the war that began in 1991 and were so badly damaged that they were just abandoned. I believe that they are probably going to be demolished soon so go to seem them whilst you can. The outer ones appear to date from the 1970's but the central one is the Grand Hotel from around 1910.

Kupari hotel

The shell damaged exterior of one of Kupari's abandoned hotels can be seen here. The buildings are dangerous ad full of broken glass but there are no doors on them so people can often be seen on the roof.

Kupari Grand Hotel

The bullet riddled exterior of Kupari's Grand Hotel can be clearly seen. Again there are no doors and people freely walk around inside.

So that's a little about Cavtat and Kupari on the Croatian Coast. Do visit if you get the opportunity but be prepared for stoney beaches, clear seas and machine gunned hotels!